Our firm deals with all aspects of international and corporate law, both at judicial and extrajudicial level. From the seventies, the firm has been dealing with the internationalisation of companies, by operating in Europe, in countries such as Hungary, Poland, the former Czechoslovak Republic, in Asia, most precisely in China, India and the Philippines, and in North Africa, Libya and Algeria. The activity was not limited to exporting the business of Italian companies outside the national borders. In fact, the firm has also been involved in assisting foreign companies that decided to invest directly in Italy. The firm has also advised a number of foreign governments, such as the ones of Libya, Algeria, Cuba, Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Poland, Hungary, etc. In addition, our firm assists the diplomatic representatives of these countries in Italy.

Thanks to a wide network of correspondents in many countries worldwide, the firm assists Italian companies in their internationalisation process. This activity deals in particular with the establishment of consortia, joint ventures, procurement and in loco assistance to companies. Finally, the firm looks after the interests of many foreign companies, public and private, operating in Italy.