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The firm Lana – Lagostena Bassi was founded in 1998 through the merger of two major professional firms: Lana and Lagostena Bassi.
The first firm was founded in Florence in 1959 by Mr Mario Lana, a lawyer specialised in civil and international law, who was already practicing in Rome during the 60s where, along with fellow lawyers and Senators Mr Lelio Basso and Mr Luciano Ventura, he founded one of the first law firms in Italy to specialise in international law. During the the 60s and 70s this prestigious firm provided advice to various foreign governments (i.e. Poland, Hungary, the former Czechoslovak Republic, China, Libya, Algeria, etc.) and dealt with the nationalisation of oil in developing countries as well as with a number of other issues related to emerging countries and, more generally, with the protection of human rights.

At the end of the 70s Mr Mario Lana permanently moved to Rome where he decided to carry on Mr Lelio Basso’s mission and continued his activity in the field of international law, human rights and civil law.

During the 80s, the Lana firm, meanwhile enriched by other professionals such as lawyer Mr Anton Giulio Lana, further developed its expertise in the field of international law and civil rights. In particular, as to the former field, the firm provided advice in the process of internationalisation of Italian firms in China, Algeria, Poland, etc., through the establishment of joint ventures with local companies, and also assisted Italian companies in dealing with foreign ones. With regards to the field of ​​civil rights, the firm engaged in important challenges focused on the protection of the weakest, such as haemophiliacs who contracted viruses like HIV and HCV due to the administration of infected blood or blood derivatives. For these individuals, the firm managed to obtain fundamental judicial decisions that became leading cases in the area of damages resulting from the failure of the public administration to comply with its obligations in terms of pharmacovigilance.

The second firm was founded in Genoa in 1950 by Lawyers Mr Vitaliano Lagostena and Mrs Tina Lagostena Bassi. From the 60s, the firm dealt with issues of civil liability and insurance. Furthermore, for years, Mr Vitaliano Lagostena and Mrs Tina Lagostena Bassi published a bimonthly magazine called “Law and practice in car accidents and navigation.” In this regard, of particular relevance is the struggle for the redress of damages to health which was concluded with a positive outcome.

In 1973 the firm was transferred to Rome. Among the many social battles in which the firm engaged in there is that relating to the creation of cultural societies, which gave rise to insitutions such as the Theatre of the Clock and the Polytechnic. Moreover, through the firm’s advice, several “free” and “commercial” radio and television stations overcame state monopoly and went on air.

However, the firm’s main activity was always the protection of the weak, particularly women and children. Among the most prestigious achievements that were fundamental for the democratic development of our country, Mrs Tina Lagostena Bassi greatly contributed to the introduction of divorce, the reform of family law, the law on gender equality, on abortion, and the law against violence and sexual abuse. Finally, the firm’s professionals fought some important struggles in the courtroom for the protection of “collective interests”, which resulted in the recognition of the right of civil societies to act as civil parties in judicial proceedings alongside injured parties.

Nowadays, Lana – Lagostena Bassi is one of the leading professional firms in the field of the protection of civil rights, both at a national and international level. In particular, the firm deals with issues related to the areas of family law, protection of children and individual rights.

Over the years, the firm has acquired significant experience within the field of health law, being among the first in Italy to deal with the delicate problem of the responsibility of the public administration in the distribution of drugs that proved harmful to public health. Furthermore, both in its activities and through the organisation of workshops and training sessions, the firm deals with the topic of international protection of human rights before national and international courts. Finally, operating through a wide network of correspondents in many countries of the world, the firm assists its customers abroad and deals, in particular, with the internationalisation of Italian companies and the protection of the interests of foreign companies, either public or private, in our country.