admin-ajax (4)Mr Anton Giulio Lana was born in Florence on 5th October 1961. In November 1986, he graduated in Law with honours from “La Sapienza” University of Rome. He conducted post-graduate studies at the Fordham University of New York (U.S.A.) and  in 1997, he obtained a Ph. D. in Law and Economics of production systems at the University of Sassari.

Professional Experience

Mr Anton Giulio Lana became a member of the Italian Bar on 14th November 1990 and in November 2002, he was admitted to practice before Italian Supreme Court. Since June 2010, he has been a professional mediator. Currently, he is a Senior Partner at the Lana Lagostena Bassi – Law Firm and focuses on civil law, family law and protection of minors, international public and private law, and immigration law. He has dedicated and still dedicates his expertise to significant cases of legal separation and divorce, both in Italy and abroad, holding partnerships with primary foreign law firms on cross border matters. Both in Italy and the United States he joined the first equipe promoting the protection of people who have contracted HIV, HCV and HBV, by the administration of infected blood and blood derivatives. In this field, he has successfully conducted several causes of compensation for the damages and he contributed, on the one hand, to determine a new case law about the liability of Public Administration for failing to comply with its obligation of pharmacovigilance and, on the other hand, to realise in 2005 a transaction between more than 700 haemophiliacs and the Ministry of Health, for the total value of 500 million euro.

Moreover, he has an extensive experience in the protection of Human Rights before international courts and bodies established for this specific purpose (European Court of Human Rights, Court of Justice of the European Union and UN Committees). In particular, since the early Nineties, he has assisted individuals, companies, associations and political parties before the European Court in Strasbourg. Before this Court, he represents, in several collective judgments, foreign migrants victims of collective expulsion measures; people damaged by the administration of infected blood and blood derivatives; victims of the “cancellation” from the registers of permanent residents in Slovenia; victims of violations of social security rights; etc.

Furthermore, he acted and acts as an arbitrator (even with the role of President) in many arbitration procedures related to the areas of corporate law and contracts.

Research and teaching

From 1986 to 1999, Mr Anton Giulio Lana served as assistant in Maritime Law at the chairs of Professors Gustavo Romanelli and Gabriele Silingardi, dealing mainly with International Transport Law. In the same period, he taught and conducted research in this area as a visiting lecturer. In 1999, among the activities of the Unione Forense per la Tutela dei Diritti Umani (UFTDU), he conceived – and by that time, has organised every year – a “Specialization course on the European protection of human rights”, personally conducting a seminar. Since 2001, he has been lecturer in European Law at the School of Specialization for the Legal Professions, established at “La Sapienza” University of Rome. Since 2003, he has been lecturer at the Master course on the Protection of Human Rights, conducted by Professor Sergio Marchisio at “La Sapienza” University of Rome. Since 2003, he has taught at the training course “Asylum and Human Rights in Europe”, organised by the Italian Committee for Refugees (CIR), the Council of Europe and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Since 2009, he has been professor at the School for Police Officers. He has been lecturer of “Professional mediation” at UFTDU since 2010. Moreover, he regularly participates and conducts seminars and conferences dealing with International Law, and the Protection of Human Rights and Mediation in several Italian Universities, Italian Bars and the Supreme Judicial Council. Starting from 2013 he became lecturer of a Master course in European Private Law, conducted by Prof. Guido Alpa at “La Sapienza” University. Since 2016, he has been Professor at “La Sapienza” University of Rome.

Consulting activities and Assignments

On 10th May 1989, he obtained a scholarship by the Council of Europe (the only one won by an Italian citizen) to carry out studies and research dealing with Human Rights, for one year and at the end, he performed a thesis about “La Convention européenne des droits de l’homme et la liberté d’information; la pubblicité commercial”. Mr Anton Giulio Lana has been a member of UFTDU’s Executive Board since 1986. From 1992 to 1999, he was a member of the editorial staff of “Diritto dei Trasporti”, a law journal, edited by the Institute of Maritime Law at “La Sapienza” University of Rome. Since 2004, he has been deputy Director of the magazine “I diritti dell’uomo – cronache e battaglie”. In 2004, he became Deputy Chairman of the IX Subcommittee for the Bar exam, established at the Court of Appeal in Rome. Since 2006, he has been member of the jury for “Prix International des Droits de l’Homme LUDOVIC TRARIEUX”, established by Institut des Droits des l’Homme des Avocates Europeens (IDHAE). Since 2007, he has been member of the jury for the prize “Per mare – Al coraggio di chi salva vite umane”, established by UNHCR and chaired by Andrea Camilleri. In 2008, he created and directed the Permanent observatory on the case law of the European Court of Human Rights, funded by the Ministry of Equal Opportunities, and then by the National Legal Council (CNF). Since 2009, he has been a member of the Juristic Network for Human Rights, established within the Foundation for European Progressive Study (FEPS) in Brussels. Since 2010, he has been a member of IDHAE’s board of directors and of the Human Rights’ Committee at the CNF. Since 2010, he has headed the Course for Professional mediator, organised by the Centre for training and research at UFTDU. Since 2011, he has been Chairman of the Board of directors of the centre for negotiation and mediation (NEG-MED), at UFTDU’s Mediation body. From July 2011 to January 2016, he held the position of UFTDU’s Secretary-General. On 26th October 2012, he won the prize PILnet’s 2012 European Pro Bono Award, by PILnet – The Global Network for Public Interest Law, because of “exemplary partnership in the public interest”. In 2012, he was Chairman of the XIV Subcommittee for the Bar exam, established at the Court of Appeal in Rome. Since 2014, he has been a member of Scientific Board of the Committee on International Adoptions of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. Since 2015, he has been advisor of the Committee on International Adoptions – Presidency of the Council of Ministers. Since 2016, he is UFTDU’s President and Director of the magazine “I diritti dell’uomo – cronache e battaglie“.

Mr Anton Giulio Lana has written and regularly writes commentaries and articles to various legal journals in matters concerning International Transport Law, Human Rights, Refugee Law and Mediation.


French and English.